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How to unlock android pattern and password

  Pattern lock screen is a user interface that can help you in reducing the sudden access to your android devices without enabling the permission of the administrator. This interface is used in devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops where you store personal and official data.You can use pattern locks for all the Windows, Android and iOS devices. It is like the conventional way of locking the devices with the username and password.

Steps To Unlock Android Pattern And Password

1.Firstly switch off your android mobile.

2.After switching off your android devise, pree up volume button and press it down.

3.Now press the power button and hold it too along with the volume up button.

4.It will start a secret terminal interface.

5.Then press to use home button for scroll up and down.

6.Then you will get to the option DELETE ALL USER DATA.

7.Select the option and wait.

8.Your devise will take sometime but after it will restart and you will find out your android devise has been unlocked.

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