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7 Ways To Write A More SEO Friendly Post

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Search Engine Optimization is very important for web masters now a days because it determines whether or not their site is relevant to web users. Search Engines are very hard to please and they quickly penalize anything they deemed unworthy of attention. Thus, most masters try their best in writing SEO friendly post. 
Being new to the blogging industry or simply aiming for a higher web page rank will encourage you to write more SEO friendly post. However, this endeavor is easier said than done. The following are seven ways on how to make this daunting task a little easier and manageable. Apply them wisely and you will surely boost your site's reputation and rank in no time.

1. Content will always be king

You need to be aware of the relevance of the content that you're going to post in your website. Avoid writing about stuff that everybody already knows and instead, try to write engaging articles for your readers. There's a big chance that your content will be shared on a larger audience if it's helpful to a number of people. 
In addition to that, keep in mind that your site should prioritize quality over quantity. Be choosy when it comes to publishing those articles because they can make or break whatever it is you're doing! 

2. The KISS principle

Most veteran writers will tell you that you must remember the KISS principle when writing important stuff. The acronym stands for "Keep It Simple Stupid". The readers of today have limited attention span. Bombarding them with too much information on the get-go will bore them in no time. 
Try to write as clear and as direct as possible. Avoid using too much adjectives and weed out stuff that's unnecessary to the overall content. Lengthening your material by using lardy words is more trouble than its worth. 

3. Keywords can hook or annoy your readers

The readers of today hate web masters who are "using" them. They know if you're just trying to spam something and this could lead to them leaving your site for good. Thus, it's essential that you choose your keywords wisely and only use them sparingly. 
Putting too many keywords in your article could totally backfire on you. Be aware of how many keywords you're using and minimize them when the need arises. 

4. Find your angle

The world wide web has a plethora of information that readers can find with just one click. Thus, writing about unique stuff is going to give you that much edge in the cyber space. On the other hand, actually doing this is no walk in the park! 
You've got to write with an angle when you're working on your content. An angle is a side of a story that not everybody is talking about. Give it your own twist, specify when you can and veer away from generalizations in order to show your originality. In addition to that, be mindful of the site's niche. See to it that your post won't stick out like a sore thumb.

5. Forced links will only do you harm

Squeezing a link about winning money when you were initially talking about ways on how to improve one's blog will certainly annoy your readers. Veer away from traditional SEO writing and instead, make the links a part of your post. Do that and you will be ahead of the curve in no time. 
In addition to that, use anchor keywords that are natural. Anything that's going to degrade the wholeness of your work should be avoided at all cost. Incorporate only when the link fits your work. 

6. Proof reading should never be taken for granted

You need to remember that correct grammar and spelling will make you appear as a more credible writer. Thus, you're more or less required to proof read your post before showing it to the public. There are tons of site today that can help you do this. 
Moreover, you can ask a friend who is skilled in writing to double-check things for you. You can never be too safe when you're writing SEO friendly post. 

7. Images can add an extra flair on your post

You need all the help you can get when you're optimizing your article and so, choosing the best images that will go with your material is a must. Creativeness is highly rewarded in the Internet. Utilize your brain juices to the fullest and find ways on how you can have better pictures for your article. Also, don't forget to write an appropriate title and description for every image. In this way, even those with slow Internet connections could have an idea of what image you're using.
Look at social media sites like Pinterest and Picasa in order to have a better idea of what people love seeing. An excellent image could create the difference between a boring article and an interesting one. Why not take pictures of your own? You could even tap a new talent there and discover photo blogging while you're at it! Just see to it that you're not trying to hard because readers hate copycats and wannabes. 

Bonus Tip:-
Make it easy for your readers to share your killer post. The more publicity your work could get, the higher chances of you getting on the good side of Google, Firefox, Bing and other search engines. Needless to say, you should also keep in mind that promoting your post is a must. Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to your advantage. Again, just see to it that you're not spamming. Otherwise, social media will be counterproductive to your overall goal. Everything in moderation! 
Search Engine Optimization friendly posts are important for those who are trying to get a higher page rank. Utilize the above mentioned techniques and you will surely have an easier time boosting your web site's reputation.

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